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In 1939, the Soviet Union invades Finland. In 1941, Finland and Germany invade the Soviet Union. another history.

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Marc Vitrac used to be born in Louisiana within the early 1960's, in regards to the time the 1st interplanetary probes added the scoop that Mars and Venus have been teeming with life—even human existence. At that time, the "Space Race" turned the imperative preoccupation of the good powers of the area. Now, in 1988, Marc has been assigned to Jamestown, the US-Commonwealth base on Venus, close to the good Venusian urban of Kartahown.

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Daredevil DEA agent Jack Walker cruised down Hollywood street into the simplest unscheduled social gathering of his profession: a car-jacking that includes a . 38 semiautomatic and his personal movieland heroics. In the other urban, the beautiful lady he stored will be a celebrity. right here she was once Charlotte Rae, a former B-movie bombshell waving a lottery price tag directly from hell – an opportunity to get inside of her husband’s drug-smuggling empire.

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BATTLEFIELD EARTH Far sooner or later, mankind endures the relentless onslaught of alien oppressors, an old conflict whose tide has started to show during the efforts of the Cerberus rebels. This striking band of warriors fights an elusive enemy, touring via risky portals of time and area, the place fact and un-reality collide in gorgeous, lethal purpose… LIGHT OF THE DAMNED The diamond mines of the Congo are flooring 0 for a calculated new strength seize by way of an historical Mesopotamian god.

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Darkness hasn't ever been considered to be an inviting presence. i assume that is why i discovered myself wondering the peace and serenity i would present in the darkness. The darkness welcomed me, comforted me, nurtured me. .. grew to become part of me. i used to be coming to the purpose the place i assumed that the darkness used to be my buddy - my ally even.

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