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Krishna very hardly supplies away His treasure of prema - natural divine love for Himself. He does not provide this worthy present to simply someone. He retains it properly guarded someplace very tough to discover, the treasure vaults of Goloka Vrindavan. this is why those that own this wonderful prema additionally own Him! He willingly comes below their keep an eye on and is bought out to them as a result of their deep love and affection for Him. Krishna simply rewards His loving devotees with the 4 objectives of lifestyles: dharma, artha, kama, moksha – pleasing one’s life’s calling, accumulation of wealth, experience leisure and liberation from the unending cycle of start and loss of life - yet He hardly ever bestows the 5th and supreme objective of Krishna prema.
However, Mahaprabhu, having the main compassionate ideal Goddess, Srimati Radhika, as His center, has raided Sri Krishna’s shop apartment of prema, the top and maximum religious love that exists, and has disbursed it to all the following on the earth. He has bestowed upon us the best treasure of prema nam sankirtan – the congregational chanting of the holy names imbued with prema, natural transcendental love. the single strategy to reach this topmost religious perfection and adventure divine love is the congregational chanting of the maha mantra less than the tips of Sri Guru,

hare krishna hare krishna
krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama
rama rama hare hare
Chant and feel free, chant for non secular perfection and transcendental realisations, chant in bliss on your everlasting profit and the good thing about others and event the wonder of Sri Harinam.

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